A Tale of Two Prostitutes


In 2015, I worked up the nerve (and savings) to leave my “great job” and take a one way flight to Thailand.  My research convinced me that the Land of Smiles was the solution to all my problems.  I was right…

For a year, I spent every day as a productive, free man.  I regularly worked out (for the first time in my life), rode my rented dirt bike up remote mountain trails, read novels, socialized with people from around the world, and self-taught myself the basics of web design and content creation.

This Renaissance in my life was funded by the dollars in my savings account and their amplified purchasing power in Thailand.

After that year, I reluctantly returned to the U.S. to get more money.  I resumed a government job that had a great job title, but was really a cesspool of bureaucracy, soul-dead career “lifers,” and affirmative action hires.

I’m not the only one…

bullshit job

Modern economies are saturated with bullshit jobs.  Instead of productivity, compliance, paperwork, safety, inefficiency, and regulations dominate the average worker’s grind.  We are coasting on the fumes of our economically powerful past.

Does this sound like your job?

Did you ever stop to think what it says about you when you stay in such a job?

You are a prostitute.

Now, on to the story…

Back to Thailand.  I was strolling down Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok searching for a place to sit out of the sun.  I spotted an empty table on the street outside of a McDonald’s.

I sat down and a petite Thai woman in a dirty, purple mini-skirt sauntered up to me and offered,

“Take me your hotel and we can take a shooooweeer.”

She playfully wiggled back in forth as if lathering herself up with soap.

Mid-charade, she flipped down her top to flash a perky nipple.

I had been in-country a while.  I smiled and said, “Mai-ow kup” (politely, I don’t want).

Responding this way in Thai is the quickest way to get a street hustler to go on their way.

She was turning to move on, but….

I caught a vibe.

If you don’t feel vibes, its because  you lose the ability when your life is cluttered with bullshit. (I’ve been on both sides.)

Vibes are intuition.  They don’t give specifics, only the basics – safe, danger, friend, foe, stop, go, etc.

In this case, my vibe antenna was registering “friend – kindness – respect.”

Before she took her first step away, I offered, “Hue mai?” (Are you hungry?)

She turned and her demeanor instantly switched from hustler to girl next door.  She plopped down next to me like an old friend (obviously relieved to take a rest).  I let her take her pick of the snacks in my bag and I ordered a couple of cokes.

We talked the typical small talk.  Her name was “Phone.”

She was a cute girl that was prematurely aging from a hard life.  Despite her friendly personality, I noticed a certain absence of sparkle in her eyes – a look I knew I’d seen before.  I felt a sense of kindred spirits.

Even though I come from a seemingly more fortunate station in life, perhaps I identified with her because I’ve also been “rode hard” in other ways in life.

It’s hard to compare lives.

“Bullshit Job Prostitute” vs Sex Prostitute

Sexual prostitution is at least economically legitimate.

Doing legitimate work in exchange for money is a productive way to spend time.  A street hooker fulfills a consumer demand.  It’s a legitimate job.  Many “normal jobs” aren’t.

Although a hooker is economically legitimate, it still feels dirty compared to other economically legitimate jobs such as being a doctor or a carpenter.


The reason is that prostitution has an element of the “wasting of oneself.”  The prostitute is wasting her value as a potential girlfriend or wife and risking her health.

Now let’s examine my bullshit job (and probably yours too).

Unlike the hooker, my work was not legitimate.  It was compliance with bureaucracy for the sake of it.  The amount I was paid was more than the value I could produce within the broken system.  I was wasting my time, not using my education or talents, and dulling my brain through inactivity.

(It doesn’t escape my notice that I also worked much longer hours than my hooker friend, and my work never put a smile on someone’s face. )

Looking at my longer serving co-workers, I could see the same dullness in the eyes that I noticed in Phone’s eyes while chatting in Bangkok.  This is no coincidence.

Dull eyes are the mark of someone who has been wasted.

How I felt at work

So what do you do about it?

Let the truth set it and fester in your subconscious.  You are a whore.  Rationalizations aside, this is fundamental.

Recognize that you have a serious struggle ahead of you.  You want to get off the ‘streets’ but there are metaphorical pimps everywhere ready to bitch slap you back to work.  (Mortgages, drugs, video games, apathy, bad relationships, nihilism, divorce rape, debt, materialism, etc.)

Don’t lose the light in your eyes.

Start making escape plans, save money, prepare yourself.  There are better ways to make a living.  It just takes sustained force of will to make it happen.

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