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bikini airlines hostess bikini

“Bikini Airlines,” formerly known as VietJet, is Vietnam’s first private airline.

Fortunately, we will be seeing more of their famous bikini clad flight attendants.  Business is booming.  The airline just placed a $6.5 billion order for 50 additional jets.  The owner of Bikini Airlines is poised to be Vietnam’s first female billionaire.

This highlights the biggest perk of travel…

Life is more fun outside of the politically correct, fun policed, Anglosphere.

We haven’t always been missing out in the West, though.  Our fun has only recently been squashed out.  In the past 40 years in America, we have gone from this:

catch me if you can sexy flight attendants

To this:

American flight attendants ugly
Bad aesthetics, Sad

My Flight Attendant Neighbor in Cambodia

When I lived in Siem Reap, Cambodia, my neighbor was a flight attendant for a small Cambodian airline called “Small Planet Airlines.”

small planet airlines
Pretty girls inside

She was a solid 9.  She told me that she had to meet exacting physical requirements to be hired for the job.  Her height, weight, and proportions needed to be within spec.  Once she reached age 28, she would be aged out of the job.

It made sense to her and to me as well.

The grass is greener on the other side.

Go out and travel, see for yourself.  Here are a few more examples…

Philippines – Cebu Pacific


Russia – Aeroflot

aeroflot flight attendants


AirAsia cabin crew female

Vietnam – Bikini Airlines

bikini airlines vietnam sexy

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