Braun Mobile Shave M-90


Standard shavers are HORRIBLE for travel.  They are awkwardly shaped, have dedicated wall chargers, and internal batteries – a packing nightmare.

For short trips, a disposable razor will do.  For long-term travel, I prefer the speed and convenience of an electric shaver.  Otherwise, I inevitably skip shaving altogether and end up like this:

Third-world countries are safer when you look deranged.

The Solution:

A shaver where EVERY detail has been optimized for travel.

After extensive research, I chose the Braun Mobile Shave M90.

After a year two years of hard use, I endorse it.

Here’s Why:

01 Purpose Built for Travel

The right size

Braun mobile shave m-90-6
Braun on the right – small, flat, and rectangular.

Uses AA batteries

Braun mobile shave m-90-1
Two rechargeable AA’s. I get about 2 months of use shaving 3 times a week.

Why AA’s are superior to built-in batteries.

  1. With built-in batteries, you are stuck with the battery weight. With AA’s you can travel without them to save *significant* weight.
  2. Built-in batteries go bad.  Your expensive device will deteriorate and eventually stop working.
  3. AA’s are available worldwide at every corner convenience store.
  4. You can swap batteries from one device to another.
  5. Rechargeable AA’s work great – a good investment.

Duracell rechargeables are pictured, but now I use the best in class Eneloop batteries.

Swivel Cover/Switch Lock

Shaver can’t turn on in your luggage and cause an international incident.


Braun mobile shave m-90-7
178 g = 6.3 oz = 0.39 lbs (WITH batteries)

02 Feature Rich

(I’m a design engineer.  It’s hard to impress me.  I’m impressed.)

Built-in trimmer

Braun mobile shave m-90-5
Trimmer slides out, works great.

This is the ONLY travel shaver with this feature, and it is a MUST for me.  The curved trimmer works exceptionally well and trims my mustache better than conventional flat trimmers.  The details make this product!

Well designed foil

All other travel shavers have foils with simple, round holes.  These cannot catch the hairs that lay down.  The Braun has a better design and can shave longer stubble.

Braun mobile shave m-90-3
Notice the polygonal cutouts.
Braun mobile shave m-90-4
Foil pops off for easy cleaning

Waterproof Battery Compartment / Built in Cleaning Brush

Braun mobile shave m-90-2
Cleaning brush snaps into base

03 It’s Inexpensive!

Currently from $24.10 on Amazon.


After a year two years of hard use:

The blades are still sharp, it rarely pulls a hair, shows zero signs of use.

The shave quality remains impressive.  It is about 90% as good as a full-size, $100 shaver.  The minor reduction in shave quality is well worth the portability.

For fancy occasions, I will follow up the shave with a disposable razor to be extra clean.  If I let the beard go for more than about 5 days, the shaver struggles and I reach for a razor to get back to baseline.

It has held up well, survived several drops, and surprises me with its long battery life (several months) when using rechargeables.


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