Dental Medic First Aid Kit

Dental medic first aid kit travel-1

The Nightmare Travel Injury…

Imagine breaking a tooth on a Sunday afternoon in a 3rd world country

You bite into a spoon full of rice that just happens to contain a rock (hmm wonder how I thought of this).

Now you are trying to fish your piece of broken tooth out of a mashed up slurry of rice and pork while nerve pain courses up and down your spine.

You cannot eat or drink without re-igniting the pain in your nerve endings AND, now you can barely talk.  The language barrier just got ten times harder.

You start trying to find a “good” dentist on your phone, but the wifi isn’t working.  Then, you remember the story about your friend that got hepatitis from a dentist office in Uzbekistan.

You call some numbers, but everything is closed.

At a minimum, you will have to suffer through a sleepless night and start calling again in the morning.  By this time, you’ll be hungry and dehydrated.  Remember, just drinking water hurts like hell.

Then, if you are absolutely lucky, you manage to actually be in a dentist office on Monday.  After waiting for an hour in the non-aircondioned waiting room, you are FINALLY seeing a “dentist.”  You mumble something about, “Do you sanitize your instruments?” while the “dentist” sadistically prods your broken tooth.

There is only so much you can do.  You are at the mercy of a 3rd-world dentist.  They may pull a tooth that could otherwise be saved.  They may make a repair that falls off a week later.  Who knows.

How can you make this situation better?

Enter the Dental Medic First Aid Kit

I carry this kit on all my travels.

It gives you the ability to plug a broken tooth with wax, temporarily repair a cavity, and manage pain.

This gives you critical comfort that allows you to calmly determine the best course of action.  With the hole plugged, you can now eat and drink.  With the pain controlled you can think.

Now you have time to find and travel to a good dentist.

Dental medic first aid kit travel-2
Looking inside the compact, waterproof, resealable pouch.

Dental medic first aid kit travel-3
Everything unpacked. The included first aid instructions are crucial to help you function when you are panicked.

Dental medic first aid kit travel-1-2
These are the most important items in the kit.

Part of my travel first-aid system

I carry the Dental Medic along with my Travel Medic Kit (full review).  Both are made by Adventure Medical Kits which is a top notch company.

If you are really traveling lite, you can take the critical items from the picture above and cram them into the Travel Medic pouch so you have all of your first-aid items in one place.

Dental medic first aid kit travel-4
My travel first-aid system. Compact, lightweight, peace of mind.


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