Dr. Bronner’s Multipurpose Soap


Then there are mysterious chemical additives.

This is a simple product with a HUGE impact on my quality of life while traveling.

When it comes to travel, weight is crucial.  I am already loaded down with electronics, so I try to reduce weight everywhere I can.  You know what weights a lot?  Toiletries.

In my search for a multipurpose soap, I came across Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soaps.

Four things sold me on this product.

01 It’s concentrated!

A 2oz bottle lasts me about 6 months under normal use.  You just need a drop for most tasks.  You lather it up with water and away you go.  There is no wasted weight in this bottle.

02 It’s multi-use

The website claims 18 uses.  I personally use it for washing my body, hair, shaving, doing dishes, and washing clothes.  That’s 5 for me.

When you are moving around a lot, it is a huge hassle to constantly go out and buy toiletries and household items.  Not only is it expensive, but each country has different products.  If you are sensitive to chemicals and scents, you will constantly be running into trouble finding items you like.  You can alleviate these headaches by bringing a multi-use product along with you.

03 It’s completely organic – no chemicals or artificial scents

I cannot stand strong scents in soaps – they tend to give me headaches and acne.  Then there are mysterious chemical additives.  These woes are a distant memory.  Bronner’s soaps are as natural as you can get.

It is very frustrating trying to find healthy products abroad.  If you do find them, they will be imported and cost a small fortune.

Keep in mind that poorer countries always have the strongest smelling, chemically laden products.   Chemical soaps are cheaper than organic products and third-world consumers don’t know the difference.

I can hear the corporate executives now…

“What do we do with this chemical waste, Boss?”

“Put it in shampoo bottles and ship it to Cambodia, they won’t know the difference.”

Moral of the story – get important personal products BEFORE you leave.

04 There are options

The product line offers various scents (including unscented) to match your preference.  As mentioned, all of the scents are achieved with natural and useful ingredients.

I recommend purchasing the gift set and trying them all to see you what you like.  You can then give away the ones you don’t need as gifts.  All of the bottles in the gift set are 2oz and allowed in carry-on luggage on airlines.

There’s a wide range of Dr. Bronner’s personal care products

If I was living back in the States, I would try replacing all of my soaps with these products.  Here is a link to all of their product offerings: shop.drbronner.com

Lastly, Dr. Bronner’s seems like an ethically run company

Check out the company’s about page.  It seems like a very decent, well run business.  I’d rather throw my money to them than to a huge corporation that has no pride in product quality.


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