Excellent Mini-Condo Design – 450 sq ft


If you are looking to save money and stay out of debt, “tiny houses” have surely popped up on your radar.  I have lived in many small spaces, and they usually have one, unacceptable drawback.

They have no space to be productive.  They are claustrophobic from a creative standpoint and functionally useless if you want to create something.  Creation requires space.

When I saw this “mini-condo” posted on Reddit, I was stunned by how intelligently designed it was.  It has all the essentials for comfortable living COMBINED with the ability use the space for actually getting work done.

Design Breakdown

The condo is a square – the most efficient shape for use of space. The furniture in the middle is lightweight and can easily me moved. Ample natural lighting.
Every small living space should have means to EASILY get the bed out of the way.
Efficient bathroom. Everything you need, nothing you don’t, well lit.
Well equipped kitchen, efficiently laid out on one wall. Located on same wall as the bathroom = low construction costs. Brilliant!
Storage lockers keep clutter out of site and makes cleaning easy (items don’t collect dust). Also a good place to lock belongings if you decided to rent the room out.
Great natural light and wall-mounted tv eliminates unnecessary tv stand.

Getting free requires efficiency + productivity

One of the things that keeps people poor is when they focus entirely on thriftiness and ignore productivity.  Many people in the “small house” movement fall into this category.

If you want to make quality YouTube videos you need to set up lighting and make a nice backdrop – this takes space.

You have an idea for a product prototype, you need (at a minimum) a large, well lit table to work on – space.

If you want to write a book, you likely need to spread out notes and story lines over a large surface – space.

You get the idea.

Building your own house is powerful freedom amplifier

I have saved this condo design because I plan on building my own house in the near future.  I envision a square shop on the first floor, with something similar to this condo as the 2nd floor.  To jump start passive income potential, I’ll ideally build two of these structures side by side and rent the other.

Building your own house saves money and further allows you to avoid a mortgage.  Having such a skill also opens the potential for you to efficiently build rental properties.  People will pay more rent per square foot for a well designed apartment.  By designing it yourself, your intelligence gets translated to increased income for your life.  This is a form of passive income!

Thanks to u/blakerparsons for posting these pictures on reddit.  They are a great inspiration.


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