“God is that force within you which calls you to the adventure of your life”


Watch this video while eating breakfast

A routine that I find valuable is watching YouTube videos like this one while having a strong breakfast (lots of protein and fat) and coffee.  High energy, intelligent start to the day.

steak and eggs breakfast

What’s old is new again

God/Gods used to be cool, strong, exciting.

People weren’t nihilists when they had exciting religions to be a part of.  That’s why they undertook monumentally difficult challenges.  They were part of something bigger than themselves, something awesome.

Societal bonds were much closer when they had this big cool thing to rally around instead of being atomized individuals that don’t agree on anything.

Having an exciting God is important.  Traditionally Christian societies are slowly starting to relearn this.

When Jordan B. Peterson said:

“God is that force within you which calls you to the adventure of your life.”

I pointed at my TV and said, “Yes!”

Frank Frazetta God
Painting by Frank Frazetta, my favorite artist.

I couldn’t run away from Western Christianity fast enough.

I was raised as a good little suburban Catholic boy.  My parents never gave religion a single thought beyond a vague feeling of obligation that they were supposed to take me to church on Sundays.

The priests I encountered were, frankly, weird.  At best, they were beta males that got their jollies from the attention of old church ladies.

In Sunday school, I was taught by overweight, female, school teacher types to be nice, forgiving, kind, passive, and docile.

“The meek shall inherit the Earth,” they said.

The first concept of God that gave me meaning

In a low moment of frustration with life, I looked at how purposeless and boring my existence was.

I thought,

“God couldn’t have made me just for this.”

This thought just came out of the blue.  I didn’t often think about God or religion.

But, it that moment of utter frustration, the God concept popped into my mind.

I knew that if there was a creator, he would never have created me to sit in a cubicle, do bureaucracy, and put up with passive aggressive assholes all day.

Viking vs office space cubicle

Jordan Peterson articulated what I had already figured out

“God is that force within you which calls you to the adventure of your life”

YES, “calls you to adventure,” NOT “calls you to obedience, calls you to be weak, calls you to be passive.”

Adventure can take many forms, but it is always challenging and meaningful.

  • Start a business – Adventure
  • Start a family – Adventure
  • Go to war for a righteous cause – Adventure
  • Travel the world – Adventure
  • Conquer new technology – Adventure
  • Build something with your hands – Adventure
  • Etc.

If you’re under 40, you’re probably not religious

And with good reason.  The modern options you have been presented with are crap.  They don’t add value.

You get all of the negatives of being conditioned to be docile without any of the positives such as a cohesive and moral society to live in.

I hope religion gets more exciting.  It has nowhere to go but up at this point.  I think we’ve reached peak boring in Christendom.

My vote is to bring back the Norse gods of the Viking Age.  They were pedal to the metal, adventure all the time types.

Ragnar Lothbroc preparing himself
Viking Church – Ragnar Lothbroc preparing for battle.


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  1. Serendipity always. Just yesterday I had a conversation with a friend in California calling him from a coastal village in Kenya. We came to that conclusion ( relating more to your kipling article and the situation in the USA )
    Where are the adults and where did common sense vanish ?
    Anyway, finding your page and reading your articles today was a treat. Thx


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