Gunnar Computer Glasses


Want to make money online?  Want to have a passive income stream?  Want to be a digital nomad?

Here’s reality.  To have any chance of achieving these things you’ll need to spend months starring at a computer screen for 10 hours a day.

Yes, it gets easier over time.  But there is no way around the initial monumental effort to get things rolling.

The only way I have physically been able to handle this is to use blue light filtering glasses.

Without them, my eye-balls would hurt.  I feared I was doing permanent damage to my eyes.

What I Use

Gunnar computer glasses
Gunnar PPK glasses….named after a gun…I’m sold!

I’ve been using the Gunnar PPK glasses for about 3 years.  They work as advertised.  My eye problems went away and I can work longer without discomfort.

These glasses don’t modify your vision at all.  If you wear prescription glasses, you’ll need to have prescription blue light filtering glasses made at a glasses store.

As you can expect, everything looks yellow when you look through them.  For this reason, you can’t wear them when doing color sensitive tasks like editing photos.

Gunnar glasses aren’t cheap.  Depending on which model, they are running in the $40-$80 range.  In my experience with optics, it is worth it to pay extra and go with a trusted brand.  Optical quality of a lens makes a huge difference in eye strain.

Get them BEFORE you travel

I realized that I needed these glasses when I was living in Thailand.  Long story short, I could not find a source for these glasses in the country.

I had to order them online and import them.  This took almost a month, and with the shipping and import tax, my cost had tripled.

It was still worth it, but was an absolute pain in the ass and wallet.

Don’t expect things like this to be available in every country.  Get your specialized gear BEFORE you leave home.


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