Joe Rogan and Dan Bilzerian – Freedom Superpowers Collide


“If you want to get better, get around better.”

For 99% of human history, the best people you could associate with were limited to your hometown or village.  This limited your ability to improve.

Then there were books, radio, and tv.  While that improved your access to the greats of the world, it was always controlled by centralized gate-keepers of information (religions, publishers, tv/radio station owners, etc).

The internet changed everything.  For the first time in history, we have unfiltered access to millions of people.

I enjoyed listening to this conversation between two men who live by their own rules.  I’ve distilled the three hour conversation into my favorite takeaways.

These are the guys I’m talking about.

Joe Rogan

In case you live under a rock, Joe Rogan is the most influential and most viewed interviewer of all time.  He gets around a BILLION listens a year on his podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience.

Larry King, Barbara Walter, Oprah?  Dinosaurs from the junk information Baby Boomer era.  They are obsolete, shallow, boring.  Good TV viewing for nursing homes.

The first thing that impresses me about Joe Rogan is that he came from humble beginnings.  His family was lower-middle class and his father left him when he was seven.  He is a self made man.

The second is his versatility to learn new careers and adapt to the times.  He has been a successful martial artist, stand-up comedian, TV host, actor, and now a philosopher-tier podcast host.  He was born into the pre-internet era yet he not only adapted to it, he helped to shape.  He is largely responsible for by making long form conversation videos popular.

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Dan Bilzerian

This guy is a poker player turned Instagram mega-star.  How is he famous?  For giving Absolute 0 Fucks and Ballin’ Out of Control!

His account is a constant stream of naked models, guns, partying, and power sports.

How does he do this?  Well, being a trust fund kid sure helped.  (Although he tries to obfuscate this by pointing to his poker career.)

You know the only time I like trust fund kids?  When they take full advantage of it and maximize its benefits.  Most just become boring, frightened people.

Dan took that money and combined it with the balls and vision to create a fantasy life.  As Joe Rogan says, “I solute you, sir.”

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Podcast Highlights



2:31:40 – JR

You can’t be happy all the time, and you don’t want to be happy all the time…you won’t achieve the same levels of happiness all the time if you’re not miserable…you don’t ever hit those highs unless you hit those lows.  Ever been around someone who’s manic?

2:32:03 – DB

 The sweet is never as sweet without the bitter”….. “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy pleasure.



0:47:05 – DB

Celebrity is another crazy thing.  I’ve said…money may bring 5 or 10x girls….if you set up your life where you have a nice life…cool shit going on.  Fame I think is like 100x…like 100 times [more girls]



0:16:34 JR & DB

JR: the guy who earned that money, it’s his character, his willpower, his discipline…his smarts that allowed him to earn him that money…or he just got lucky as fuck.

DB: There’s definitely some lucky ones.…But you also have to hold on to it…Once you got money you go every asshole and their mother with their hand out trying to scam you and it’s easy to fuck it off or make bad investments…

2:28:03 JR

Is it all you want to do?  Is it your whole life?  Does it absorb you? Do you want that more than anything you can imagine?

2:35:25 DB and JR

DB: Climbing the mountain is far more satisfying than being at the top of the mountain”

JR: Once you have achieved this level of success where material possessions don’t mean anything anymore, then you can think, what do I enjoy…comradery, friendship, creativity…what is it that I’m actually chasing?



0:51:50 – JR & DB

JR: Have you ever read that Thoreau quote, “Most men live lives of quiet desperation”.

DB: I actually had that quote on one of my pictures…”The mass of men…lead lives of quiet desperation.”

JR: That quote…fuckin…I love that quote…he’s a brilliant, brilliant guy.

There are a lot of people stuck in jobs, stuck in cubicles, they don’t wan’t to be doin what they’re doin…they’re lookin at their resources, they’re so small, they’re tired all the time…they get home from work…they don’t have any energy to do antying else….they’re saddled down with some relationship that probably isn’t optimal…they’re getting yelled at…it’s not going well, it’s not going well…there’s not a lot of joy.

DB: Another one of those quotes, “Rather than love, rather than fame, rather than money, give me truth.” “Truth is the rare one.”



0:42:04 DB

I got really lucky.  I came into poker at a time when nobody really knew how to play. This fuckin guy Chris Moneymaker.. he turned $25 into a 2mil win and he didn’t really know how to play…it was like a new gold rush….celebrities started playin…it was one of those things…and there wasn’t really any training tools, the game hadn’t really been solved…even the pros weren’t that good back then.



0:21:50 DB & JR

DB: Because he went so hardcore for this girl…it’s like…sometimes it makes ’em run away a little bit because… people by nature want what they can’t have…right? So if you just give it to them all immediately…

JR: They’re like ‘Look at this bitch’

DR: Exactly…like kind of lose respect for you a little bit

JR: I have another buddy who’s paying his ex-wife for the rest of her life.  They were married for 12 years and he has to pay her forever…FOREVER….They were married for 12 years and separated for 15 years…so he’s been paying her longer than they were married…you just wanna jump off a fucking bridge.

0:14:55 DB

Most guys are in relationships…because it’s either hey ‘I’m gonna jerk off on sat night or I can put up with her shit and get laid.’  A lot of it’s out of laziness.  A lot of it’s out of lack of options…but it’s not correct.


The Internet

2:44:45 JR

[Regarding the internet] It’s so freaky that they didn’t even think about in star trek or star wars, none of those places had the internet, none of those visions of science fiction and the future had the internet” “When history is all said and done, people look back on this era, its gonna be one of the biggest changes in the human race ever, we’re in the middle of it, it’s a storm and we’re just caught up in it.



2:30:00 DB

I have ADD, for me it’s like hyper focus…I think a lot of successful people have it and I think what it allows you to do is when you are focused on something and you have that pinpoint focus you can be extremely successful

But when you don’t your just scattered all over the fucking map.



0:21:00 DB

They have a term for it gambling…’negative free roll’…it’s where basically you can only lose, there is no upside.


That was some Deep Shit…

Well this post was a lot of work, but I was inspired to do it.  When you have freedom, you can follow inspiration wherever she takes you.  Their conversation resonates fiercely with the soul of this site.

Tell me what you thought of the video in the comments.


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