Light My Fire Travel Spork


Traveling is dirty.  That is why I carry the weightless and versatile Light My Fire Travel Spork.

Swedish engineering

I like owning gear that represents design perfection.  This qualifies.  It is one piece, indestructible, cool looking, and, did I mention, lightweight.

Unlike most plastic things, this one is made in Sweden, not China.  It is BPA-free and I trust it isn’t filled with mystery chemicals.

Before I had this elegant tool, I would find myself hungry and staring at food that I wasn’t quite sure how to get in my mouth.  I would either use the same fingers that I used to touch the door knob at the airport bathroom, or I tried scooping my food with a credit card or a ticket stub.  After this, I had no way of cleaning my hands.

It’s little stresses like these that can add up on a trip.

Once I got the spork, I never had such problems again.

Eating delicious mystery meat on a bus in Vietnam

The best gear is the gear you forget about.  It is there when I need it and out of mind when I don’t.  It’s cheap, so I won’t cry if I lose it.

It can also be used as an improvised tool, and the plastic won’t scratch what you are working on.  I’ve used it to pry open my laptop among other things.

light my fire spork packing no watermark
I only post about gear I use!

Do yourself a favor and get one – for both you and your travel mates.

The less often you eat with your dirty hands, the less you will get explosive diarrhea!


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