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I spent my first couple nights in Ulaan Baatar in a hostel with only one restaurant nearby.  It was a working-class local place with a steady stream of customers – so I knew the food must be good.

When I went there, there was only a one page menu covered in Mongolian text.  The waitress spoke zero English.  There were no photos to point to.  I tried translating the text on the menu with Google translate, but the menu only listed names, not descriptions.  I was stuck.

How do you order when you can’t read the menu?

The best I could do was point to a dish being served to a nearby table and hope for the best.

Later on my trip, I visited a restaurant with a supremely useful menu.  It had large selection of traditional Mongolian dishes with photos, names, and descriptions – in both Mongolian and English.

It was a Rosetta stone for Mongolian cuisine!

Never one to pass up a useful tool, I photographed each page and used them as a reference for the rest of my trip.

I packaged those photos into a PDF to make this guide – no need to re-invent the wheel.  Hope you find it useful!

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