Mongolian Girls – The most exotic on Earth?


Mongolian girls are in a category all their own – perhaps the most beautiful of all the Asian races. They are rare to encounter outside of Mongolia due to their geographic isolation and inward facing culture.

Their stunning looks developed under harsh evolutionary conditions. They are decedents of the Mongol hoard – a warrior race, resulting in sturdy/athletic bodies. The extreme cold has given them a softness, from just a tad extra body fat percentage. Even more breathtaking, they are hot blooded – noticeably warmer to the touch than other females.


Most striking are their high and wide cheek bones coupled with sharp, deeply cut eyes. When you pass a girl with an extreme manifestation of these features, you feel as if you stepped through a portal onto an alien planet – one you’d like to stay on.

Frank Frazetta Girl Mongolian
Artist Frank Frazetta was clearly inspired by Mongol features in his work.

Asians’ distinct eyes are thought to be an evolutionary adaptation to the cold. They have more fat below the eyes and in the eye lids – giving them narrower eye openings.

This theory appears true because Mongolian women have the most extreme manifestation of this trait. It is not to say their eyes are squinty – some are quite open, but rather their eyes are subtly deeper set, resulting in a soulful gaze. Their eye openings have beautifully sharp corners on each end as if cut by a scalpel.

Lips are typically full and appear bright red against their white skin, even without makeup. Their noses are well proportioned and have sufficient bridge between the eyes. Their skin is naturally porcelain white – only tanning when working outdoors or flushing in the cheeks from the cold.

Also, quite remarkable is that almost all Mongolian people have perfectly straight and white teeth. This is due to good genetics and a high calcium diet. You won’t immediately see their teeth, however. Mongolian girls typically flash modest, closed mouth smiles in public


Mongols are the sturdiest and curviest of all the Asian races. They are perhaps the only Asians that are more often big breasted and curvy than not. While a slightly thick body is predominant, there are a sizeable minority of Mongolian women that are elegantly tall and slender.

A typical Mongolian’s body has a strong and thick torso with somewhat short limbs. It is a powerful build as well as a cold adapted design. Because of this, you won’t often see tiny waists or flat stomachs here. Shorter limbs make for thick thighs and chubby arms. However, many girls still have wide enough hips and large enough breasts to create a nice hourglass form. (A strong enough figure to be seen through heavy clothing, no less.)

If you have the good fortune to unwrap a beautiful Mongolian girl from all her layers of warm clothes, you’ll discover some of the softest and whitest skin you’ve ever experienced in your life. I attribute this to it almost never seeing the light of day and to a perceptible extra bit of subcutaneous fat for warmth.

Beneath this softness is firm muscle, they are indeed athletic. The best way I can describe the sensation is, “steel wrapped in velvet.”

The most breathtaking thing you’ll discover is the warmth radiating from their soft skin! I seriously believe that their average body temperature is higher than most other humans on earth. They are sexy little heaters that will keep you warm during the cold Mongolian nights.


The most noticeable trait is modesty. Mongolian girls dress nice but slightly conservative for the the most part (even during their brief summer). In public, girls tend to keep their eyes down rather than appearing to be visibly on the prowl or inviting attention. In your initial interactions with a Mongolian girl she will be polite and somewhat shy.

It is also clear that they have kind hearts and maternal spirits. Watching how loving a Mongolian girl is with children is beautiful to see. Interestingly, the television shows, movies, and advertisements in Mongolia are extremely family oriented and constantly depicting happy mothers and children. I think this rubs off on Mongolian girls just like sex/drugs/partying in Western media affects Western girls.

While you might be tempted to categorize Mongolian girls as merely shy, sweet, and timid, you would be wrong! They are also capable and strong – with a wild streak when you get to know them.

beautiful mongolian girl on horse

I remember seeing my Mongolian friend leap onto a horse and expertly control the beast. She told me that every Mongolian child learns to ride as babies. Her grandmother spoke about the time she went into labor and got on a horse to ride to the hospital. Not making it in time, she got off the horse, gave birth alone on the Mongolian steppe, and rode home with her newborn.

Like all places, the biggest distinction in temperament will be between city and rural girls. Mongolia has perhaps the starkest contrast between the two. Ulaan Baatar is the sole big city and it is a modern megatropolis. The rest of the country is sparsely populated and truly nomadic – little different than 1000 years ago.

Mongolia Travel Guide
  • You’ll want a physical guidebook in Mongolia as cell service is non-existent in many places.


So perhaps you are intrigued enough by this article to try to find one of these warm-blooded honeys for yourself. Here is the lay of the land as I perceive it.

I encountered two types of Mongolian girls during my time there.

The vast majority of Mongolians love their culture and country and have very little interest or curiosity to look outside of it. If you ask them if they dream about tropical beaches, they could care less and respond that they love the cold!

Girls from this group have little to no interest in meeting outsiders. Trying to court them would be an uphill battle. Even if she liked you, she would be constantly worried about how she is perceived by her family and community. Girls from this group are also unlikely to speak a second language.

Then there is a smaller category of girls that are hungry for a foreign man. This is usually the result of having been exposed to other cultures by either going to school or traveling in other countries. Others just happen to be more curious or rebellious.

My experience with these girls is they are borderline traitorous to their native culture. They seem too eager to quickly point out their disdain for Mongolian men who they describe as lazy alcoholics. They say things like Mongolia is stuck in the past and is boring.

mongolian girl foreign man

While the second group is obviously an easier pool to date in, it is kind of a catch-22. In my opinion, many of these girls have lost the sweet femininity that makes Mongolian girls so attractive in the first place.

As is life, nothing good is easy. However, being an exotic outsider always gives you an edge in dating – and Mongolia is no exception.

Video Documentary | The Maestro of Mongolia
  • A journey from Tajikistan to Ulaanbaatar, in a totally unsuitable car.
  • The story of a 10,000km voyage.

Family Potential

If you were to start a family with a Mongolian girl you would have some major logistical and cultural challenges. On the positive side, she is likely to be happy being a wife and mother as their culture encourages this. (If you want an idea of the food she’ll cook you, check out my Mongolian Food Guide.)

Mongolia is in-the-middle-of-nowhere and it is brutally cold. While you may fall in love with the place during a summertime tour, make no mistake, this would be an extremely difficult place to live in. It is also massively expensive to travel to and from Mongolia and their economy is weak, leaving few options for a foreigner looking for work.

Second, Mongolians are very nationalistic, both culturally and racially. If living in Mongolia, you (and likely even your mixed children) would always be considered outsiders.

I have had many Mongolian people tell me about an interesting phenomenon where pure blooded Mongolian babies have a blue spot on their ass that goes away with age. When the baby doesn’t have this blue spot they are disappointed that their pure Mongolian bloodline must have gotten tainted at some point. They hide this fact from their family and friends.

There is always the rare individual that is attracted to a foreign culture and is happy to move there, learn the language, and assimilate – maybe this is you. I met a Cuban guy living in Ulaan Baatar with a wife and daughter that did just that. He seemed happy.

The more likely scenario, is to find a quality Mongolian girl that prefers to spend most of her life in your native country. You would certainly have some epic family vacations in the Mongolian steppe!

mongolian steppe ger


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