Owen Benjamin on the reality of happiness


Many seek adventure as a means of escape from an unhappy life. However, it only works IF you have the right goals.

In a recent live stream, comedian Owen Benjamin concisely put happiness into the proper perspective. A perspective perfectly in tune with the Adventure Prime motto – Make. Life. Harder.

Owen Benjamin Happiness Quote

Here’s the stream

Who is Owen Benjamin?

Huge Pianist

Owen was an up and coming comedian and actor in Hollywood. He’s 6’7″ tall and can play the piano by ear. He calls himself a “Huge Pianist.” Things were going great. He was hanging out with Vince Vaughn for God’s sake!

What makes him truly unique is how unhesitatingly and willingly he burned his Hollywood career to the ground.

Why? He simply wouldn’t self-censor his comedy and speech to appease the Hollywood masters and their politically correct requirements. The man has principles. They tried to control him with fame and fortune and he just burned it in front of them. Now he is blacklisted by the entertainment industry elites.

He’s an adventurous comedian.

So what did he do? He moved his family out to the forest and started a farm! Now he live streams every day from his remote location, in between farm chores. No subject is off limits.

Needless to say, I like this kind of personality type.

An Adventurer’s Pedigree

Apparently Owen is a direct descendant of William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. That’s a high power level.

Where to follow Owen

Owen has been banned from most social media platforms but, for now, you can find his work in the following places:


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