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Buy It For Life Quality

I have owned the same Petzl headlamp for over a decade.  It has survived abuse, drops, rain, snow, hot, cold, etc.  Still works like new.

Versatility defined.  Beyond outdoor use, it is an essential travel and household tool.

I trust the brand.  Every Petzl product I have encountered has been intelligently designed and well constructed.

Petzl headlamp travel
My trusty headlamp. Has taken 10 years of abuse, still looks and works like new.

Indispensable Travel Tool

Headlamps are usually thought of as purely outdoor equipment.  My headlamp also has the status of an essential travel item – and I travel light.

The key to this item from a travel perspective is versatility.  Everything you decide to pack must be as lightweight and multi-use.

I travel to some shady places and don’t stay at 5-star hotels.  As a safety measure, it is essential to have a hands free light if you have to evacuate an apartment or hotel at night due to natural or man-made disasters.

I have also used it while tending to minor injuries such as splinters that would be impossible to see and “operate on” otherwise.

Like many, I engage in outdoor adventures during my travels – the Petzl headlamp being an obvious necessity.  (Try to setup camp at night with no light or awkwardly using your smartphone light while working with one hand.)

As with all important things, “One is none and two is one.”  My smartphone’s built in flashlight being the backup.

Notable Features

  • Uses (3) standard AAA batteries – available all over the world (I use these rechargeable AAA’s)
  • Multiple illumination modes
    • High/Low flood light
    • High/Low focused light
    • Red light for preserving night vision
    • Strobe for emergencies
  • Unit is adjustable to point the light exactly where you need it
  • Low battery warning light
  • Elastic band has not lost any stretch in 10 years, cheaper Walmart type headlamps loose all elasticity in a few months
Organizing my essential gear for three day motorcycle trip to the highest mountain in Thailand.

Great Value for the Money

I have no need to replace my old headlamp, BUT Petzl has added some great enhancements to their current line (such as optional rechargeable battery back).

If I were to buy a new one today, I would get the “Petzl Actik.”  ($69.99 on Amazon)




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