SHOOin Travel Shoe Bags

shooin travel shoe bags

Optimizing your packing system is essential for frequent and stress-free travel.

Packing shoes is a major pain point.  They are bulky, stinky, and get everything else in your luggage dirty.  I have tried several ways to pack shoes.  These travel shoe bags made by SHOOin are the answer.

Shooin travel shoe bags
The bags are made of a super slippery and stretchy fabric. Shoes slip in easily. The bags close tight with a drawstring.

Why SHOOin bags are great:

The key is the material they are made of.  The fabric is slippery and elastic.  Even shoes with grippy rubber soles slide in effortlessly without snagging.  The elasticity holds the shoes firmly.  In addition, the fabric is not permeable.  With the draw string closed, no dirt can trickle out of the bags.  Smell is contained so your clothes don’t smell like feet.

Typically, I can fit a pair of shoes into a single bag.  The elasticity holds them tight together so they don’t rub against each other and get scuffed.  If you have expensive or delicate shoes, you can use one shoe per bag.

They are also handy as stuff sacks for socks, underwear, etc.

Compared to using grocery bags:

I previously packed my shoes in grocery bags.  For obvious reasons below, this was not optimum.

Shooin vs grocery bag


Compared to Eagle Creek’s Multi-Shoe Cube:

Eagle Creek offers the best line of travel gear on Earth.  I use their packing cubes and ultralight TSA travel locks.

However, packing shoes is a rare example where they have been bested by another company.

I tested the Eagle Creek multi-shoe cube.  I found it awkward to pack and it wasn’t stretchy – which limited the size of shoes I could fit inside.  The bag is designed to hold two pairs of shoes in one giant cube.  When you are pressed for space, you need the freedom to divide items into smaller pieces that can be packed into the free space in your luggage.  This was a deal breaker.

The winner is clear.

Shooin vs eagle creek multishoe cube

SHOOin bags match my packing strategy:

Whenever possible, I use rectangular containers to fill up a suitcase.  After that, I take any organically shaped objects (like shoes) and wedge them into any remaining spaces.  Below is an example of a very efficiently packed suitcase.

Digital nomad packing shooin
I pack shoes last, wedging them into remaining spaces.


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