The Land That Time Forgot


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An American engineer and British sailors commandeer a German U-boat and discover a lost continent full of prehistoric life.

The events are fantastic, yet believable and possible. No, supernatural suspension of reality required. The action is non-stop. The men are all the competent and indomitable variety. The types that discovered and built the world we know today – level headed, competent, resourceful, unafraid.

It is an easy read, but not an unsophisticated book. Edgar Rice Burroughs was an expert storyteller and a master of “less is more.” The reader is not burdened with over-complicated characters or plots. He builds just enough framework for your imagination to effortlessly run wild – and have fun.

After a decade long hiatus from reading fiction, this book has brought me roaring back.

It reacquainted me with my energetic, boyish imagination. Readers will enjoy an escape from their modern lives of over-comfort and over-safety. A reminder of the type of lives we’re really built for.

It is a low commitment read, easily being finished in 2-3 sittings.  If you haven’t read in a while, this will ease you into it.

The author, Edgar Rice Burroughs, is most famous for writing Tarzan of the Apes.  He has many more books to his name such as the John Carter series. I will be adding these to my newly created reading list.

If you like this book, please give me reading recommendations in the comments!

There is also a movie (1974)


It is a fun watch, but a poor approximation of the book.  Some of the best action scenes and the protagonist’s faithful dog are left out.  The 1970’s claymation dinosaur effects are cool and a nice break from modern CGI.  As long as your expectations aren’t high, you’ll enjoy the movie for what it is.

Notes on how I read

My nomadic lifestyle precludes me from using physical books. The only alternatives are an e-reader or smartphone.

I have used and enjoyed a Kindle E-reader in the past, but have know ditched it for both minimalism purposes and to reduce my travel weight. The advantages it has over a smartphone are a book-like size, a special screen that resembles paper (eliminates eye-strain and works in bright light), and a battery that lasts weeks. If these are important to you, it is a great device.

Superb screen for sensitive eyes.

The improvement of smartphone screens and e-reader apps have closed the gap and made smartphones a more attractive option considering my lifestyle.

For versatility I recommend the apps Moon+Reader or Lithium Reader.  For convenience I recommend the Amazon Kindle app.

Moon+Reader/Lithium both let you load whatever books or formats you desire (such as free books that you can download from Project Gutenberg).

The Kindle E-reader app makes purchasing books from Amazon and syncing them across your devices effortless, but locks you into the Amazon ecosystem.

With all apps you can tweak the colors, fonts, and spacing to your liking.  Moon+Reader has the most customization, Lithium and Kindle are easier to use.  I find that a black background with light grey text produces no eyestrain while reading at night.

Having all my books on my phone means I can read at any time such as on mass transit or waiting in line. I never have to regret forgetting a 2nd E-reader device.

What I’ll be reading next from Burroughs:

John Carter: Barsoom Series (7 Novels) A Princess of Mars;...
  • Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • Engage Books
  • Kindle Edition
  • English
The Land That Time Forgot
  • Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • Kindle Edition
  • English


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