Ultralight, Ultracheap Carabiner


Traveling light demands attention to detail.  I found some lightweight and inexpensive carabiners that have proven surprisingly useful during my last few years of travel.  I always have one clipped to my backpack.


Here are some examples of how I use mine:

plastic carabiner pick pocket protection
Although not entirely pickpocket-proof, this will deter most theft while still allowing quick access to the zippers.
carabiner backpack hook 2
A carabiner can let you clip your gear up off dirty floors.

There are a million other uses such as:

  • Clipping dirty shoes or sandals to the outside of your pack
  • Hanging things up to try
  • Clipping your gear to yourself or to a luggage rack as an extra layer of theft prevention while you are sleeping on a bus
  • Use to reinforce your fist if you need to punch somebody
  • Give as a small gift

Comment about your interesting carabiner uses below.

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