5 Reasons you should burn bridges when everyone tells you not to


“Never burn your bridges” is normie advice.  Most people are too cautious.  Risk aversion is the primary personality trait of boring people.

There are many situations where you SHOULD destroy your ability to go backwards.

1You have a ‘perfect’ job

best job title photo

‘Great jobs’ can be like golden handcuffs.  They make you feel like you can’t leave because you will never find something better.

A common theme in the backstories of successful people is that they were forced to start a business after they were fired from a job.  Good jobs are stable and can rob you of this opportunity in disguise.

So why burn the bridge?  For one, good jobs are easy to backslide back into.  Two, everyone you know will start to regard you higher.  People secretly admire risk takers.

2It makes for a good story

worlds most iteresting man

A history teacher once told me:

People do things for 3 reasons: for love, for money, and for the story they can tell.

Good stories are what make you compelling.  Interesting people will gravitate to you, normal people will follow you, and lucrative opportunities will find you.

A milk toast two weeks’ notice accompanied with a bullshit farewell email about “how much you appreciate everything” isn’t interesting.  Telling your sociopath boss that you slept with his wife as you walk out the door….well, that’s funny.

3It makes retreat impossible

cortes burns the boats
“Burn the boats!”

Leaders throughout history have understood that one fights best when there is no going back.

One of the greatest examples is in 1519 AD when Hernan Cortes, a Spanish Conquistador, invaded modern day Mexico.  Upon landing with 600 soldiers, he ordered, “Burn the boats.”  Retreat was no longer an option.  His drastically outnumbered men went on defy the odds and conquer the entirety of Mexico.  This is one of the greatest conquest stories of all time.

The act of “burning a bridge” will force you to be psychologically oriented towards the future.  You will push yourself harder then you ever could with a backup plan.

4It gives you practice being BOLD

mad men are bold

If burning a bridge has no other value, it is useful as an exercise in boldness.

Cool/successful/interesting people are bold.  You need to regularly exercise your boldness muscle – it doesn’t come naturally for most people.

Knowing that you cannot go back also generates urgency.  As I wrote about earlier, urgency is the only way to unlock your maximum possible productivity and focus.

5Your girlfriend is hot… but she’s a bitch

regina george bra

Decisively breaking up with a hot girl – leaving no chance for going back – instantly makes other hot girls more attracted to you.  Maybe one of them will be nice.

If you haven’t yet figured it out – “fortune favors the bold.”


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